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Design Services

Our Design staff is uniquely qualified because we develop a design that will realistically fit within a budget that we assist you in establishing at the beginning of your project. Our design professionals at Peveler's Construction also bid and write contracts for each job, ensuring that the design and budget are compatible and will provide you with a product that will come to fruition, meeting your every expectation. Ultimately, we take the responsibility to make sure what we design can become your reality. Because one designer follows your project from start to finish, there is continuity in the job, and the designer will assume responsibility for his or her function in the construction project.

"One Company, One Designer"

Proper design and layout is the critical formula to ensure proper sequence of construction events. The placement of framing, doors, windows, electrical and plumbing is critical and essential in everything that follows (cabinets, counters, backsplash, trim, etc.). Naturally, if the design is not accurate, then problems will likely surface, often times resulting in costly re-work situations which will incur additional costs. On projects where multiple companies and or contractors are involved, the ultimate cause and subsequent solutions often become problems in themselves, as each entity attempts to pass the responsibility on to someone else. This is the scenario that does not happen with Peveler's Construction.

The winning formula for success is to make sure one company is in control of your project from start to finish. This is our formula, and that is one of the many reasons for our success in the construction industry.

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