Recent Projects

Paseo Del Campo

In this Palos Verdes Estates residence, we completed an extensive kitchen renovation. The homeowner aimed for a spacious and natural ambiance, incorporating custom-designed and meticulously finished cabinets to achieve their vision.

The inclusion of blue accents in the tile and countertop slab elevated the white cabinetry in the kitchen, adding a sophisticated touch to the overall design.

The abundance of custom cabinets in this kitchen contributes to a sense of spaciousness and homeliness, creating a welcoming and personalized atmosphere in the home.

The homeowner sought to harmonize accents between the kitchen and laundry room by using the same tile in both spaces. The custom-made wooden countertop creates a natural and cohesive feel to the space with it tieing into the open wooden shelving in the kitchen.

Photographer: Tony Prince Photography

This kitchen in Manhattan Beach underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving from a 1990s-style space to a modern, spacious dream kitchen.

The utilization of custom cabinetry empowers homeowners to optimize their space and elevate the overall design aesthetic of their home.

The integration of custom cabinets not only maximizes space and enhances organization but also fulfills the homeowners’ desire to introduce a design-centric element by incorporating custom glass shelving in the space.

Photographer: Tony Prince Photography

This straightforward bathroom renovation swiftly enhanced this Torrance home, creating a more comfortable and inviting shower area.

The incorporation of a neural tile shower layout took a simple bathroom design to a new level of relaxation, adding a serene and calming touch to the space.

Photographer: Tony Prince Photography

In pursuit of a warm and inviting kitchen, the homeowner focused on designing the space around a unique countertop slab. This approach resulted in a kitchen that exudes a homey ambiance while retaining the distinctive charm of a custom-designed space.

Photographer: MESA Studios. Inc.